What's in the little blue jug Hugh???????

yes dear I won't forget to stop for a gallon of milkGlove on left hand must be MJ ??????????????Steve says this ones goin in the hole fella'sJust Chillin !!!!!The Commandant is barkin orders again !!!!Old Friends Tom & DaveHow you like our ride ?????Bolegged golf or is this polo?????????Nice Swinggggggggg Bill !Line em up fella'sDave hit a nice shot !You Ohio gals are awfully paleNo singing allowed John, Just hit the ball already!!!!!I got all these clubs to choose fromlunch time
and we meet once again !!!!!!Looks like Toms got low rider wheelsSubliminal message from the bottle lickerFlashbackJeff Mires, Mom Mires , Colette & BillRob and his Mystery date !!!Everyone received a nice  prizeYou Said What ???????Somebody was drinkin Red KoolaidPoor Woman can't afford new overalls she has to keep patchin theseAll Classmates can add their own personal photo galleries inside the gallery selections below. Click the images below to enter the gallery area. Then click the "Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here" button at the bottom of the page to participate. Follow the directions on screen to create your gallery. Only you can add photos to galleries you have created, and all photos you add will be credited to you inside your gallery!

I've got my little blue jug !!!!

Yes dear I'll remember to get a gallon of milkThis one's goin in the hole fella'smust be MJ ( White glove on left hand)Somebody has been in the red koolaidTom's just ChillinLunch timeLine em up boysThe Commandant is barkin orders againNice swinggggg BillOld Friends Everyone received a nice prize, Thanks Eric !!!!!!!!!!!Hot, Hot dayDave made a Great shotThat's a funny one !!!!!
FLASHBACKHey it's the Fonz !!!!!!!!!!!!!Jeff & Ma Mires, Coleete & BillBolegged golfSubliminal message ???? U bottle Licker