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08/01/18 05:49 PM #1    


Sharon Gunn (Dotson)

Hope everyone has a great time at the reunion. Unfortunately I need to cancel my rsvp. Have a fun time and take lots of pictures

08/01/18 09:55 PM #2    


Sharon Gunn (Dotson)

Hope everyone has a great time at the reunion. Unfortunately I need to cancel my rsvp. Have a fun time and take lots of pictures

08/02/18 10:16 AM #3    

Eric Altherr

We will miss seeing you and will do our best to have fun despite your not attending. 

And Wii’s be sure to get pictures posted. Thank you. 

08/02/18 11:28 AM #4    

Tim Wanemacher

Looking forward to seeing members of the Class of 78. Spoke to Mike Willeman and he didn’t RSVP, but would like to attend. Please add his name to those attending. Thanks to all who have made the 40th Reunion happen!

08/02/18 12:55 PM #5    

Larry Knipp

Hi Wildcats!

I hope that everyone is doing fine!

Due to other commitments, I won't be able to attend this 40 year reunion.  I would love to say hello to everyone and catch up with what you all have been doing.  I have fond memories of the times with you and wish you all well!

I am presently living in Austin; my wife Wanda, is from Puerto Rico. We did a lot of world traveling, and then waited a while to have kids - our 16 year daughter just got her drivers' license (uh-oh - I hope that her first years' driving experiences are a little more tame than mine), and our twin 14 year old boys are entering high school this year.

Thank you, Ducat, and all the others who have helped to organize this reunion.  I know that you've put a lot of time into it, and that is very much appreciated.  Job well done!

Take care and have a great time!

Larry Knipp

08/03/18 08:35 AM #6    

Ellie Stough (Cichocki)

So nice to hear from you Larry and get updated on where you are and learn about your family!

08/03/18 08:36 AM #7    

Ellie Stough (Cichocki)

We are supposed to bring our own drinks correct? I'm not sure I rsvp'd either

08/03/18 04:13 PM #8    

Eric Altherr

BB for reunion at Annex tomorrow. If you want to find us after your concert tonight, winery is open tilb10 I think and Hersh has invite us to his place after on the reunion message. My cell # is 614-314-3356 if want it. See you when you see me. LOL

08/03/18 04:14 PM #9    

Eric Altherr

Correction : BYOB. Fat fingers!

08/03/18 07:41 PM #10    


Kunimitsu Kuki

I hope everyone enjoy the reunion.

I could attend for this time but I am coming to Napoleon before I travel to the heaven.

Kunimitsu from Osaka Japan.

08/03/18 09:35 PM #11    

Ellie Stough (Cichocki)

Thanks Ducat, but I was sweating like a large farm animal so too stinky. See you tomorrow!

08/03/18 10:39 PM #12    

Patty Miller (Hill)

It is great to hear from folks... Larry thanks for updating us!

Mike Willeman you certainly better show up!

Robin and Sharon, we will miss you, but hopefully someone will post pics (not me, I suck at that)! So looking forward to it!


08/04/18 10:56 AM #13    


Rhonda Meyers (Lane)

Hello to all!

Hope everyone is enjoying the reunion weekend festivities. I had planned to attend but last minute changes made this impossible. I recently was promoted to a position that is requiring my attention here in the Chicagoland area. I am disappointed and wanted to see everyone. I really enjoy reading all the posts and updates from everyone.  A special Thank you to everyone who came together for planning this weekend. I do get back to Napoleon every couple months to visit my oldest daughter and family who still live in the area. It would be great to see you when I am there.

Take Care


08/05/18 01:26 AM #14    


Mike Willeman

Rhonda: Congratulations on your job promotion!  You were missed at the reunion.  Good to see everyone who came.  Thank-you reunion committee members for your work on our 40th.  You did good!  

08/05/18 01:33 AM #15    

Ellie Stough (Cichocki)

Mike, what happened to you? You were there and then you were gone! 🤤

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